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BMW Art Ville Knokke-Heist

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BMW Art Ville

Every once in a while, a brand drops a case on a pristine location and opens the traditional media campaigns to meet humans on location. Outside their usual habitat. Otherwise said for the urban visitors: out of the city. Second residents. Passerby. Existing clients.

Those are grounds for eclecticism. This is where a brand such as BMW cracks open the traditional value proposition - sheer driving pleasure - to a real-life experience. Where creatives are none but represented by famous artists such as Jan Fabre, formerly known by bedstead Knokke-Heist, to present tailor-made productions, curated by BOZAR.

The setting is composed as follows: an entrance with a limited edition BMW revisited by Alexander Calder. An entrance with a beautiful front desk. An exceptional beach lounge area with optional sunset exposure. Protected from the occasional summer evening sea breeze. Exceptional services and one of a kind firework evenings.


What's on the menu?


Is there a link between BMW and Perrier's creative, daring, cutting-edge brand values?

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