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The future of work seems to be inspired by more flexibility in terms of location and productivity by choosing where to work. Le Pain Quotidien is one of those places where it's easy to grab a healthier breakfast and scroll through a few e-mails. However, opposing office work from working remotely isn’t necessarily relevant: one could be out in the field for two days a week or every other month, then spend two or three days at the office and half a day at Le Pain Quotidien.

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According to Adam Kingl of the London Business School, millennials especially are frequently debating about career models and aspire to have more flexibility. Living differently has become an explicitly demanded criteria to potential employers. A lifestyle of roaming to cozy places such as Le Pain Quotidien.

A communal table probably isn't the ideal place to start a video conference: the fuzz would be too distracting. As much as spending the entire day at LPQ seems to be inconvenient and could end up being expensive, the ideal time spent on location shouldn’t exceed three hours. The good life: extended breakfast or lunch.

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Even though le Pain Quotidien is not a co-working space, collectives with high network potential and momentum to co-create, the communal table present at any Pain Quotidien is one of the main values of the brand’s culture. Hence the similarities with a co-working; to create meaningful connections by enabling dialogues, lunch meetings, or the occasional remote session.

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