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Every once in a while, an e-mail stands out from the pack of literature I receive every day. On October 24th 2018, one of those emails went as follows: "Congrats. We'd like to see you in Costa Rica. You've been accepted onto Costa Rica Creators Week November 1st - 5th - time to book your flights."

A few days before, I entered my application to take part in a week of content creation in Costa Rica. An exchange of services allowing me to express what I like doing most: making pictures and shooting video. With a team of co-workers in a tropical jungle paradise. Creating synergies and building on different perspectives for a short stay. Five days of intensive shooting to promote Outsite Costa Rica. Five days of acting, in front of _ and behind the camera. Co-living.

The very specific rationale of becoming a nomad every day holds in a shell: taking a different angle, being outside instead of extinguishing the human race in a cubicle office. Hence, pushing my field, communications and photography, forward to new levels of understanding, to shape different perspectives. All in all, to change the perspective and shape a different reality. Co-creating.

Being a member of Outsite corresponds to the way I’m willing to design my career as a content creator: it helps to build a network of international like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and artists. It’s a way to broaden my horizons. Momentum.


Outsite alone brings enough locations today to build a career upon. It’s also, hence the rationale, offering locations close to the surf. The very essence of nomads. Whether at the beach or in the mountains. I met Rebecca a few months earlier before she offered me to stay at Outsite Costa Rica. You know, the first location for location independent co-workers in Europe. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you Outsite. #stayworkplay

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