The power of digital agencies and what it means to create relevance

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Proof of evolution.

Lifelong learning and taking the challenge to optimize flow in everyday tasks means finding a sweet spot and creating the right content to be published to the right audience at the right moment. Planning means making a list of priorities according to each list items' added value in terms of functionality and allocated resources. Ecology means meeting one’s aspirations and values. Ecology and conflict live in the same house. Communications bring conciliation.

mima art is comic

Communications are futile yet part of any kind of business or institution. Small. Big. Scalable. Communications channels, advertising, sometimes comes with intellectual, visual pollution. That’s where media comes in to bring structure and consistency. PR is different. PR advocates. PR is about reciprocity.

Strategy, creativity, originality and efficiency know no borders. Claimed relevance can only be so relevant in digital agencies. What are the key performer indicators? Numbers, or movements? Too small means difficulty to follow the demands. Too big means difficulty to cope with relevance. Too big means stakeholders and warfare strategy, people being left on the side of the road for a diversity of reasons. Especially in a country with three official languages. Freelancing brings more perspective, more reactivity.

Imagine the HR manager of a digital agency... his candidates are segmented in three groups: those that are hired. Those who left with the competition. And those who file a lawsuit. Focus on clients: that's what it means to create relevance.

Independent jury for ethical practices.

Belgian Federation of Digital Professions.

Advocacy for the online advertising ecosystem.


#AD: creative person.
#CD: chief of creative persons.
#ACDC: name of a band.
#deadline: made to build inspiration.
#spooncasting: to know which spoon will be used in a video sequence.
#wizkid: creative person.
#brief: short for briefing.
#shortlist: selection of agencies for a specific request for proposal.
#planning: ground control.
#layer: content container in Adobe Creative Cloud.
#rubyonrails: code language.
#PHP: specific code language structure.
#HTML5: code language used by Google Chrome among other browsers.
#Hummingbird: Google algorithm based on quality content.
#crossbrowsercheck: testing pre-live products on different browsers - devices.
#staging: specific location on a server to showcase digital productions.

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