WordPress Woocommerce Review

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High on shopping.


Simply put, WordPress is a content management system - read, CMS - used to publish blogs and websites. Woocommerce, is a plugin that can be used within this software, WordPress that is, to create a merchant e-commerce site. It’s extensible: it offers free and paid extensions.

There’s a difference between and The former offers a range of products such as blogs, websites, domain names and shops, that come in packages. is a more accessible, user-friendly way to create a website. The latter offers a customized approach, where the owner is in control of the hosting of the site. allows creating a site without having monthly costs. Except for the domain name and hosting services and said extensions eventually. offers readymade packages while offers the files that allow to set up a site that can be further developed in WordPress, with Woocommerce as a means to sell products and or services online.



Woocommerce offers a range of specific e-commerce functionalities such as the possibility to upload product images and to create product pages with specific product detail pages. Standard options may include the possibility to view product images in details, with a title, description and price tag. Some products may come with attributes such as different colours and sizes. Those should be standard options to e-commerce platforms.

Interesting premium extensions offered by Woocommerce:

→ Woocommerce Bookings: to book appointments.
→ Woocommerce Memberships: with paid access to specific content for members.
→ Mobile app available from the App Store for the shop owner(s).


Similar to WordPress itself, Woocommerce works with themes. Depending on the theme, design changes are more or less flexible. Further access to code allows customizing the designs. Product images are essential.


Although other platforms systems are known to bring as much flexibility and room for improvements and evolution of the e-commerce as it can be important to stay ahead and be dynamic.



→ Designer themes
→ Extensions
→ Mobile app
→ WordPress community


→ Ergonomy
→ Stability

As much as I wouldn't recommend Woocommerce on the long-term for bigger sites, it can be considered as one of the fastest growing e-commerce solutions.


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